Who We Are

Welcome to Pure of Heart Farms! We are a small, loving Christian farm located in beautiful Hernando County in Weeki Wachee, FL! ( home of the Weeki Wachee Springs mermaids) We began our journey in 2011 and slowly have been blessed with beautiful growth! 
We found out we were unable to have children after of years of trying. After searching for answers and His promises,  God lead us to other paths in our lives!!  First it was rescuing abandoned and abused Sharpei dogs with the Florida Sharpei Rescue and rehabilitating them for new homes and families for about years.  We then were lead to search for information about living a healthier life, learning to be more informed on the food we place in our bodies and animals that could make us more independent on making our own foods. That is how we were lead to looking into Nigerian Dwarf Goats!!

As a child, my grandfather was a family practitioner doctor but also a farmer. My greatest memories as a kid were playing on his farm, riding ponies & horses, watching kittens be born in hay stacks, goats playing, chickens running around & finding eggs and so much more.

With Grandpa (Dr. Paul Harvey Correll, MD) being a doctor, Thanksgiving was an event in itself because I helped with the fresh Turkey. (Still have childhood nightmares-LOL!) We would catch turkey or chicken & prepare it for supper that night. But as we prepared our feast, my grandfather taught me so much! Anatomy Ewwww!, lifestyles, feed, health & so much more (don't ask but I had the feather plucking job-gross!! LOL). I grew to respect so much more in life and it has carried on in to my personal journey in this marathon we call LIFE!! 

God wants us to be responsible & take care of our bodies (temple). We are slowly trying to incorporate these practices into our daily life! We bought a small piece of land, hoping to add more to begin a center for children to learn how to  build self esteem, learn healthy living and learn about caring for our animals. We also specialize in working with special needs children and adults.

We began in our backyard with a small herd but at the last birth we had 18 kids helping we knew we needed to expand!!  God led us to this property in Weeki Wachee Florida and our dream & prayers have been answered & begun! Praise be to God!

We knew we wanted to get into dairy goats but we weren't sure which breed, so after visiting the local fairs and talking to breeders, we all decided that the Nigerian Dwarf was the breed for us!  We knew people who had children that could not drink breast milk or formula but could thrive on goat's milk. We tasted the milk & foods from ND goats and knew this was they way we wanted to go!

We chose the Nigerian Dwarf for their milk quality, size, disposition, and array of amazing and beautiful colors.   They are great, gentle milkers for their small size, not to mention their high butterfat! "YUMMMM!" Try our fudge and you will be hooked!

The Nigerian Dwarf is also great for kids that want to raise or show goats in 4-H and FFA or breed shows because of their size and easy going disposition.  They have such wonderful personalities and lots of character!  We just love kidding season around here!  Watching those silly young goats jump and frolic around can put a smile on anyone's face and fills our farm with lots of children's laugh! Our goats love to ride on your shoulders, the tractor, playing on swing set and jungle gym or sit in your lap when your day's events become overwhelming!

Our goats are extremely healthy and are tested for CAE/CL  and Johnnes yearly.  I feed mostly organic, make a lot of my own feeds and make my own organic goat treats. I am always up to date on vaccinations, dewormers, and keep extra vitamins in their water with the lack of selenium and other minerals in Florida.

The more the children would come to be a part of the birthing process, feeding process, cleaning stalls etc... I knew, my incredible Grandfather was watching above from heaven saying "Liza Jane share what I taught you. You grew from these experiences, let other children grow from this as well!"  I knew this was a part of his dreams & prayers!! Hence we began this small Christian farm for children to be totally hands on every aspect of farming. They are learning how to raise animals, care for, build gardens & God willing, eventually be independent on receiving their healthy food source from their land & their hands!!!

Pure of Heart farms (Matthew 5: 3-12 "For those that are Pure of Heart, they shall see God..."), would love to help you learn more about the Nigerian Dwarf & Lamancha goats and maybe even help you start a herd of your own!  If we don't have what you are looking for, please let us know,  we probably know a breeder that can help you! Have a question, we would love to answer! We love to share knowledge, help each other and teach anything you have questions on!

Can't wait to see you on the farm!! More surprises coming soon! Keep coming back!!! Call now for workshops, family events, parties & games and a good old cookouts!!